Element Earth

A game to experience EARTH and ITS STATES

La Touche presents our Element Earth project.

These recent years, especially during Covid pandemic, environment issues are being taken more serious than ever. With our core value of Sustainable development and to contribute our effort to protect the environment, we decided to create and develop “Element Earth” project under board game form.

With the game form, we hope to spread the environmental spirit, raise awareness about the strong relationship between human and nature in a funny manner and easy to be remembered. Since then, we all can together reduce negative affections to our beloved Earth.

We wish to hold this project more often for everyone from various ages. At the event, please put your trash into trash bins, bring your own bottle of water for free refill. We are always open for feedback to make this project successful.

APril 2021

You asked us which board game it is? what is the name? or if this is brought here from somewhere out of Vietnam?
We have been preapring for the game and forgot to prepare for those questions above.
Elelment Earth is a social project under La Touche. As Sustainable Development is one of our core values, we have been thinking a lot about how to create an activity that has ability to continously remind us about the strong connection between human and nature, but it has to be fun, has to be memorable, has to connect and spread the positive spirit to the community. The Board game form came up and we started to design the game. We create a lively world with different elements of humans, natures and catastrophes together with various senarios that the elements affect each other.
We would like to send our appreciation to our guests who paticipated in the first demo on 22nd April. Thanks to you all, the event was hold successfully. Even when we started a bit late, you were patiently talking to each other while waiting. You were into the game heartfully to return the balance between humans and natures and you ignore our “amateur” host (who never facilitated this very fresh game before). Each of your contribution and laughter is our huge motivation to grow this social project. Thank you for coming even when it’s dark with rain and high traffic.
Basing on your feedback, Element Earth is continously being developed. All the time we spent to brainstorm the game is filled with joy and laughter. See you all again soon with Element Earth upgraded version, more interesting and more challenging.

Saigon, April 2021″