Our Story

Creating sensation of peace from organic and natural products

The world’s development somehow increases stress in human life. People run everyday in this bustling world, feel lost, worry, feel too tired to remember their happy moments. La Touche originated from sensitive souls who have been nourishing, enjoying the happiness, comfort, safety and peaceful feeling from the place we call “Home” which is an agriculture country – Vietnam. 

La Touche is inspired by plenty of natural materials around the country in which we believe their values are not truly recognized yet. Normally, people take their nutrient value and ignore the use of their scrap. We take the scrap home such as mung bean husk, coffee and buckwheat hull, wash, dry, do experiments, put our creativity and turn agricultural scrap into useful and beautiful products for our daily life. 

We not only want to contribute to the world our eco-friendly, helpful products which are made of natural material, especial agricultural scrap but also, through those products, we send the positive message to people around that everything has its own values if we practice to look on the bright side, know to appreciate our own personal values as well as life around us, find the inner happiness and always move forward. In short and beautiful phrase, we decorate life by natural material.