Our products are handcrafted. Each cushion and mattress are cut manually and assembled by the hands of experienced sewers with more than 30 years in tailoring sector. We commit the best handicraft and sewing skill on each product that you can carry your cushion set around without worry it could be tore easily.

Our green bean hull is well sieved many times and dried twice under the sunlight and by dehydrator to ensure the best quality for your health and prevent the appearance of insects during usage.

The green bean and kapok are 100% natural with 0% chemical to ensure not to caught allergy to your skin.

zafu and zabuton

omdee bolster

zafu bag

dream pillows

TĨNH shawl

kapok yoga bolster


Care instruction

• We suggest you keep the products in dry and clean condition. Please keep them away from humidity, water and dust.
• We recommend you to put the core part under the sun one per month. In case you wash the cover, please do not bleach and keep it away from direct sunlight to maintain the best color on fabric.
• We provide 6 months warranty for any problems that occur with sewing and zippers. In addition, we advise you to renew the core every two years.
• If you experience any problem with our product, please contact our service team via email info@latouche.life or phone (+84) 777 010 968 for support.