Zafu Bag


Zafu bag is a part of our  Zafu and Zabuton collection which help you to carry your zafu on some special trips easily.

Sometimes you want to carry your zafu on a meditation or a normal trip, especially if it is a hiking journey with a backpack, so we decided to design the bag with free handle strings which allow you to adjust the height based on your needs. In addition, it also can be tied flexibly to other baggage and still ensure its beauty and durability.



We chose 03 colors for the zafu bags: Green for Forests and Jungles, Blue for Ocean and Rivers, Brown for Balance. Each zafu bag brings its own story and message to call for Environment awareness, to protect and to preserve our beautiful nature.


Dimension: 35x12cm.

Material: Durable canvas fabric.

Jungle bag

Green for Jungles and Forests.


It has been for millions of years till now since humans and animals used forests and jungles as the resource for shelter, food, water and woods. It’s clear that forests and jungles connect to our daily life. However, deforestation is still happening and creating unbalance in the ecosystem… 


Blue for Ocean and Rivers.


“No water, no life.

No blue, no green.” – Sylvia Earle, Legendary Ocean Researcher

In the ocean and rivers, we swim, we catch fish and we take clean water. Wherever water flows, there is life nearby. Ocean and rivers give life to humans and other animal kinds on earth. But Ocean is turning into a human trash can, and rivers are being polluted… 


Brown for Balance.


Forests, Jungles, Oceans, Rivers,…and  nature in general can recover on their own if we give them time and space. The speed of destroyment is always faster than the speed of establishment. Plant trees, stop throwing garbage into the seas, reduce the habit of using plastic, consider before you purchase wooden furniture,… We believe big impacts come from our daily small thoughts and actions. Let’s together preserve a beautiful and balanced ecosystem on Earth.