Serenity Shawl


Since we started our meditation journey, we practiced to feel more than to think. We are aware that problems have always existed and the more we think, the more sorrow we drown into it. TĨNH Shawls bring you the message of its own name – TĨNH, in vietnamese means Serenity. Many things might keep moving and distract your brain, however if you are able to immerse your soul in serenity, you will understand that things happen for a reason. In other words, just keep calm and enjoy your life.


As a meditation shawl, it helps to protect your energy while meditating. In addition, your body tends to cool down while you do meditation, thus this shawl maintains a certain warmness for your body.


We chose Linen, a plant-based fabric as the main material for our Serenity Shawl. Linen is not a thick material and it is light to feel, so you can experience comfort even in these hot summer days. The size of the shawl is big enough to cover your body, you also can fold it to use as a normal scarf or a flexible fabric layer to mix with your clothes.


But after all, this is still your meditation TĨNH Shawl. It will be an appreciable meditation buddy so keep the shawl in a dry and clean place.


“The roots of all goodness lie in the soil of appreciation for goodness”

– Dalai Lama

Turmeric yellow brings the feeling of grace and positiveness, like morning sunlight, like hope…

“Life is the balance of holding on and letting go”

– Rumi

Brown represents balance in emotion, also the color of soil and land which nourish plants and life on Earth…