Most frequent questions and answers

Customized product is our strength, we are happy to support you to create your meditation buddy. Please feel free to share with us about your ideal design or any color that you love, we will advise and discuss how we can make it happen for you.

We advise you to not wash the green bean hull. Our green bean is well collected and dried twice under the sunlight and by dehydrator to ensure the best quality for your health and prevent the appearance of insects during usage. The green bean is 100% organic with 0% chemical to ensure not to caught allergy to your skin. In addition, as the cushion might absorb sweat, we suggest you to put the core part (green bean hull) under the sun once a month

For the core part such as 100% organic green bean and 100% natural cotton, we suggest you put them under the sun once a month instead of washing which would break the natural character of the material.
For the cover, it depends on your condition and floor sanitation, you can wash it monthly or bi-weekly. Please avoid direct sunlight when drying to maintain the best color on fabric.

For the cushion, it is 1.5kg with 35cm diameter and 15cm high. You can carry this main part around easily, especially we also make a handle for you, too.
For the mat, it is also 1.3kg of 100% natural cotton with 75x60x5cm dimension. 

Surely! Our design has a zipper for the core part so you can check and maintain the material better.

Please contact our service team via email info@latouche.life or phone (+84) 777 010 968 for support.

Yes! We are happy to give 6 months warranty for any problems related to sewing and zippers. For the organic core part, we advise you to renew the core every two years.

Sure! If you want to spread a healthy and happy lifestyle around the world, also care for sustainable development through high-quality products, and also have passion for the values of social give back, we are happy to support wholesalers. Feel free to reach out at info@latouche.life

We would love to deliver the products to you in person if we could ♥
We provide free ship in Ho Chi Minh city area. Moreover, because we don’t want shipping fee become a big problem to hand our products to you, during the year, we will have promotion program that support you with shipping fee across Vietnam.