Why do you need a meditation cushion (Zafu)?

Do you know why you are recommended to sit on a meditation cushion (Zafu) or meditation mattress (Zabuton) and avoid direct interaction with the ground while meditating?


Let the La Touche team answer your souls curious question. Our body has 07 chakras. In some Asian cultures, the chakra is roughly understood as cycles of absorbing and radiating energy. These chakras carry the meanings of both spirituality and human physiology. They are distributed vertically from the top of the head to the end of the spine. When you meditate, your body’s energy moves. In some meditation methods, you can also absorb energy from natural elements such as light and wind. Scientifically you can imagine it as an open circuit, when the energy is circulating in your body and you sit on the ground, both your own energy or the one you get from nature will be lost by being lead directly to the ground. Therefore, sitting on a meditation cushion or mattress will help you avoid losing your energy while meditating. Some people also consider their meditation cushion as a meditation buddy who carries its owner’s energy.

Besides that the sitting posture also plays an important role. When you sit for a long time, you unintentionally apply force to your spine and that can cause back pain. Finding a good meditation cushion will greatly help your sitting position as well as lengthen your meditation time. You don’t have to always keep your back straight, you can support your spine a bit with a backrest that makes you feel most comfortable when sitting.


In addition, creating an open space, prioritizing natural light and focusing on breathing are other important factors that we also would like to share with you. Keep following us here. We hope you will always find peace in life.