Omdee Mung Bean Bolster – A warm hug of Love

We love travelling. As our meditation cushion, our Omdee green bean yoga boslter is also a buddy that we love to carry around during our trip and this blog article is a quick note to remind us about such beautiful moments we spent in Di Linh.

Compare to Da Lat, Di Linh is still considered as an untouched area in the south of Vietnam. We arrived on a rainy early morning. When the sun rised, the rain stopped and the beauty of Di Linh started to appear. In this southern mountainous area, the weather is cool all around the year and you can feel both the coolness of the wind and the warmth of the sunrays.

We had breakfast and tea near the fireplace. Hugging the Omdee here, we soaked in all the view, the food, the weather and the conversations. “Ôm” in vietnamese means “Hug”, these happy moments and the feelings are what we want to transform and transmit to you through our Omdee bolster.


You can find natural fruits, green fields, water fall, old trees and a whole eco-system along the way trekking down from the mountain. We hope that one day, we will guide you here for a yoga and meditation retreat trip where your energy can be recovered by nature, inner peace and happiness.