Trees planting fund

It has been millions of years till now since humans and animals used forests and jungles as the resource for shelter, food, water and woods. It’s clear that forests and jungles connect to our daily life. However, deforestation is still happening and creating unbalance in the ecosystem… Forests, Jungles, Oceans, Rivers,…and nature in general can recover on their own if we give them time and space. The speed of destruction is always faster than the speed of establishment. Plant trees, stop throwing garbage into the seas, reduce the habit of using plastic, consider before you purchase wooden furniture,… We believe big impacts come from our daily small thoughts and actions.



We think that it is not until you get really rich that you will be able to give away, but if you want to, you will always find a way to give. We have been creating something meaningful activities every year to give back to the community in one way or another.


This year, we want to plant trees in watershed forests. By planting big trees there, over time, when their roots grow strong, deep and solid under the ground, it will compensate for the damage that humans have caused to the environment, create flood-blocking trees and strengthen living environment for all species.




From the beginning of October 2022 to the end of February 2023, each product you buy from La Touche, no matter whether you are our partners or our direct customer, we will save 50k VND and put in our tree planting fund. Accordingly, each box of products you purchase will be attached with a beautiful sticker as our thank you for your contribution to the tree planting fund.


For now, we can not promise to be able to organize tree-planting trip event, but we can committ the fund be used for its intended purpose.