Blended line Meditation fullset – Zafu and Zabuton


Original price was: 1.500.000₫.Current price is: 1.390.000₫.

✔ Set up a proper meditation space
✔ Zafu is filled with body forming green bean hulls, Zabuton is filled with natural soft kapok
✔ Soft-touch and machine washable cover
✔ Easy-to-carry external handle
✔ Addable or removable green bean hulls fill


• Fabric: Poly cotton Canvas
• Core: Zafu cushion: 100% Natural Green bean hull – Zabuton Mat: 100% Natural KAPOK
• Size: Zafu Cushion: Diameter 35cm – Height 10cm – Zabuton Mat: 75x60x5cm
• Weight:  Cushion: around 1.5kg – Mat: around 1.3kg
• Made in Vietnam

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 35 cm

Forest Sunbeam, Calm, Sandy, Ocean Peace, Eclipse, My Rose, Cherry Blossom