In one of La Touche’s favorite children’s books, “The Little Prince”, there is a beautiful gently love story. It’s the Little Prince’s love for his rose: The little prince takes care of the rose carefully. He watered the flower when she was thirsty, covered her with a glass globe when she was afraid of the wind, protected her and spent time talking to her. The flower’s emotions also can affect to him. But the rose “was such a proud flower”, her words sometime “made him very unhappy” and he wanted to leave his planet. On his journey through many planets, the Little Prince came across a rose garden with “five thousand of them, all alike, in one single garden!”.” He thought he “was rich, with a flower that was unique in all the world”, but all he had “was a common rose.” So, he burst into tears. But “it was then that the Fox appeared” and made him understand that his rose was unique, because she was taken care of by himself, watered by himself, put under the glass globe by him, protected by himself…Because she is his rose.


We selected this chapter as our inspiration for our color palette, the color of Dark red and green of a rose – My Rose. This is our limited edition. We hope each of us would carry beautiful fairy tales in our heart, grow our soul in love.


The Little Prince is our favorite book, how about you?